Marley 4000-Gearbox Repair from GearTech, LLC

The Marley-4000 gear reducer is a standard and essential piece of industrial equipment used in large power plants, especially in cooling towers. It plays a crucial role and is therefore very hard for any industrial operation to do without when it breaks down or appears to reach the end of its service life. Many plants will simply look to replace the unit, but this is actually the wrong move.

Marley-4000 Gearbox Repair Services – Repair, Don’t Replace

Here at GearTech, we know all about the importance of components like Marley-4000 gear reducers. We also know, however, that replacing them when they appear to be beyond their original use is not necessarily the right thing for an industry to do. Repairing the units can not only make huge financial savings, but it can nearly always be done in a timeframe about as fast as ordering, confirming, shipping, receiving and installing a brand-new one would take.

This is why we recommend clients to repair their Marley-4000 unit with our gearbox service repairs and see the GearTech difference for themselves.

Marley-4000 Gearbox Arrives for Repair Services – What Next?

We see a lot of Marley-400 gearboxes here at GearTech, and believe us when we tell you they are invariably in a bad way when they arrive. They typically look like they’ve been through a war or dipped in a corrosive acid bath. Industrial machinery does tend to get the wear and tear that other machines can only dream about.

The first step is inspection and dismantling. We take apart the Marley-4000 gear reducer and inspect all the individual components. Given that we have 20 years’ experience with these types of machines, we know them inside and out down to the last smallest component.

The next step is cleaning, repairing and reassembly. Once we’ve checked every part and reported back to the customer, we get ready to sandblast, wash the unit, replace broken or expired parts with original OEM components and rebuild a new-looking Marley-4000 gearbox.

The final step is thorough testing, painting and shipping. We can’t just send a Marley-4000 back to a power plant to be directly installed. It has to first be tested to simulate working conditions. After that, it’s painted and shipped back to the customer.

Get the Benefits of the GearTech Difference

If you have Marley-4000 gearboxes in need of attention, send them to us here at GearTech. Our two decades of experience and 2-year quality guarantee attached to all jobs here will always deliver you the best results. Better yet, you’ll save as much as 50% on the cost of buying a new unit when you restore your Marley-4000 with GearTech gearbox services. Get in touch today.

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