GearTech, LLC is about Quality, Speed, and Reliability


With our expertise in industrial repairs, we have evolved into one of the leading specialists in the gearbox, pump, and blower repair services. We are known for having some of the best minds in the business. That means you are getting the necessary rotating equipment engineering expertise, skilled personnel, and state-of-the-art repair facilities. We at GearTech are committed to meeting and exceeding your needs, and we are passionate about ensuring your machinery is restored to peak performance. That is why we have a trail of satisfied customers who have benefited from our experience repairing and rebuilding a wide array of name-brand units. It all started from a humble starting point.

A Clear Mission to Restore and Improve

GearTech was founded in 1991 in response to what its founders saw as a profound need for an alternative to typical practice when it comes to gearbox and other industrial repairs. In the past, companies have been quick to discard and replace gearboxes that, with the right level of skill and attention, could be restored to optimal condition at a much lower cost.
That thought made a mission that inspired GearTech’s founders to create an organization that would make more choices and flexibility for many industries consistently facing rising costs brought by the apparent need for replacement equipment.
The founders of GearTech knew that, given a choice, many would opt to restore their gear reducers and other equipment rather than buy new ones. It’s not just about the financial savings — though they are significant — but also about being mindful of your unit and getting the most out of OEM equipment.

From Idea to Reality

“Restore it, don’t discard it” has been the guiding philosophy as the company has grown from serving a small area around Houston, Texas, to a nationwide and even international operation, with a center in Ontario, Canada.

Expanding Our Service

Once we had established GearTech LLC as a reputable provider of repair services, it was time to expand the scope of what the company could offer to its customer base. Not only were operations expanded nationally, but also in what they could do for each customer.

For example, the company introduced 2-year warranties to help inspire confidence in the great work that was going on in our facility. On top of that, we introduced the unique part-exchange program that we offer on gearbox reducers and other components. If you are determined to get a new gearbox instead of repairs, we will take on your older one as a restoration project, using it to offset the cost of a brand-new one for you.

Through these unique service innovations, GearTech expanded its base and reputation further as an industry leader in gearbox repair and other industrial repair services.

What We Do

These days, we have a mature, extensive, highly technical, and capable operation serving the US, Canada, and other customers who should seek our help. You can divide our process into Industrial blower repair and industrial gearbox repair. Still, the truth is we work in any specialist area. You can depend on GearTech.

Indeed, as you can see further below, the number and scope of industries that seek our assistance are huge. To us, the industry is less important than the critical components we service. Those are the parts we know best, and that’s why companies seek us out to restore equipment and get their production back on track.

Industrial Pump/Blower Repair

We have over 30 years of experience reconditioning, repairing, and rebuilding industrial blowers. Our services include disassembly, nondestructive testing, visual inspection, and dimensional and final quality inspection. After the customer approves the quote, we rebalance the machine or replace parts as required to bring the machine back to OEM specifications.

Industrial Gearbox Repair

Regarding gearbox repair, maintenance, and complete overhauls, we have the proven expertise to restore your gearbox faster than most other repair shops. We owe this capability to our experienced staff and long track record of excellence and quality. Every aspect of our operation is undergirded by our fully-equipped technical facility with computer-assisted engineering. We are thus able to conduct and perform any task related to restoring your gearbox by utilizing comprehensive testing procedures.

Problems are identified and addressed efficiently. Additionally, we ensure you are updated every step of the way as your unit is repaired or rebuilt. From the moment you contact us, your gearbox issue becomes our focus. We give attention to every detail and ensure that any problems with your gearbox are addressed to your satisfaction.

Once we have mapped out the issue your gearbox may have, your gearbox will be rebuilt as fast as possible using only the best-quality name-brand parts and in full accordance with OEM specifications. Afterward, we undertake rigorous quality control to ensure the gearbox is in optimal condition. 
GearTech provides innovative repairs for any gearbox, regardless of OEM. We strive to increase reliability and reduce downtime for every piece of equipment brought into our facility. Our operation is very flexible and can provide customized solutions regardless of the repair challenges. Our goal is to deliver your gearbox back to you in pristine condition.

The GearTech Repair Process

*Upon receipt of the gearbox and following the assigning of a unique job number to your gearbox, we photograph the entire gearbox and ancillary components immediately. We then take the following steps.
*Disassembly: We disassemble every gearbox using extreme care to prevent further damage and catalog each part.
*Gear Identification: Using decades of experience and state-of-the-art reverse engineering equipment, we verify each gear’s size and geometry for possible repair or overhaul.
*Accurate Quoting: We provide a detailed evaluation report, including photographs and remedies, and offer a cost-efficient quote.
*Gearbox Repair & Rebuild: We begin the rebuild process, starting by ordering all necessary bearings, seals, breathers, sight glass, bolts, etc. We apply a guaranteed quality assurance process to manufacturing all gear components, pinions, and shafts. All work gets backed up with a two-year warranty from the installation date.
*Assembly & Testing: All gearboxes are tooth-contact checked and backlash recorded, and all shaft end play recorded. A no-load spin test is performed at the top RPM speed of the gearbox to verify your gearbox is at peak performance.



Below are incentives that separate GearTech, LLC from the competition:
  • In-house engagement Use Timken/SKS/FAG Bearings
  • Industry-experienced personnel
  • Pre-test to ensure performance
  • 2-year warranty on workmanship and material
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Chemical
  • Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Aviation
  • Sugar
  • Marine
  • Oilfield
  • Metal Processing
  • Power Generation