Did You Know GearTech, LLC Provides Full Repair and Manufacture of Babbitted & Labyrinth Seals?

Babbitted bearings are important to all heavy industrial machinery because they are used for highspeed routing equipment, such as a gearbox, compressors, electric turbines, electric motors, large power generators, chemical processing, refineries just to name a few. This includes fluid bearing repair and babbitting.

Capabilities & Services

  • Spin-casting capabilities up to 24″ OD
  • Repair and manufacture Babbitted Bearings & Labyrinth Seals (Metallic and Thermoplastic) Stem Turbine Packing, and Oil Seals
  • CMM for Reverse engineering from a sample
  • 100% Ultrasonic Test of the Babbitt bond on every bearing
  • Dedicated Bearing Engineer – Rotor-dynamic Analysis and Bearing Updates
  • QC Data packages Available Including Before and After Photos and Measurement
  • Preferred Bearing Repair Facility for Notable OEMs


There’s a high demand for babbitt bearing repair. GearTech, LLC has the expertise and knowledge to service your babbitt bearing

  • Bearing shells are restored by melting out the original Babbitt material. The grit is blasted from the shells. The bearing shells are inspected and immersed in a 100% molten tin bath to assure a good bond of the new Babbitt.
  • The prepared shell is placed into the casting machine prior to spinning
  • Special machines are used to spin cast bearings. These machines employ bottom draw pouring furnaces and inert gas pressurization of the cavity being cast. This guarantees an oxidation-free environment for molten metal.
  • When this centrifugal casting process is used, all virgin Babbitt is securely suspended on the walls of the shell, which yields a completely void-free casting and superior gain structure for extended wear and reliability.
  • After the bearings are cast, they are proof-machined and ultasonically-inspected for bond integrity
  • GearTech, LLC manufacturing new shells, new labyrinth seals, tilting pads and oil seal wipers complement our ability to restore virgin bearings new condition. All Babbitt used is virgin ASTM B23-49 Grade 2 tin-based metal with certification.

Reverse Engineering

Whether you need spares or replacement bearings, GearTech can support them. We have the ability to reverse engineer from your existing bearings and/or work off supplier drawing to complete your needs.