Marley Gearbox Services

Need Marley gear reducer repair services? GearTech, LLC provides top-of-the-line repairs and exchanges for every brand of gear reducer, including Marley. Your right-angle gearbox will be as good as new in no time. You’ll increase your cooling tower efficiency when you trust GearTech to get the job done right!

Marley 2200 Right Angle Gearbox Services

Searching for a Marley right-angle gearbox repair service but can’t seem to find one that’s only dependable but affordable, too? GearTech, LLC provides quality gearbox repair services for your Marley gearbox that will keep your cooling tower fan drive running smoothly!

Marley 2200 Right Angle Rebuilds

So what’s the secret to our Marley right angle rebuilds? Professional work and top notch customer service. GearTech, LLC

  • We start the rebuild process by determining the issue with your unit and fully inspecting your dismantled Marley gearbox before we take our next step.
  • There are a number of issues we can spot during our inspection including, overload, misalignment and fatigue. Once we pinpoint the exact the problem, we rebuild your gearbox according to OEM specifications.
  • We always full-speed test all required gearbox to make sure they fit OEM specifications. Afterward we coat the gear reducer with an epoxy coating.
  • Finally, your newly rebuild gear reducer is placed on a palette and shipped directly to you!


Saves approximately 50% versus purchasing new, faster turnaround versus new purchase, exchange program available.

Marley Gearbox Warranty

Not only do we offer quality gearbox repairs and replacements for Markey units, we also provide warranties! Each one of our Marley gearboxes comes with a one-year operational warranty from the time of installation, and to activate the warranty, notification of installment is required via email or phone call to GearTech, LLC.

Marley Gearbox Exchanges

If a replacement is what you need for your Marley gearbox then you’ll be impressed by the exclusive exchange program we provide for our clients. We can quickly and efficiently swap our your damaged Marley gearbox with a brand new unit, providing you with a rapid turnaround time and as always, top notch gearbox service.