Foote-Jones gear reducer

Foote-Jones Gear Reducer Repair – A Guide

Industrial machinery is a serious business. One of the most important components of that machinery is its gearbox, and Foote-Jones is among the biggest names within that sphere. You likely chose a gearbox with a Foote-Jones gear reducer because you knew it was a name to trust. At the same time, you also need a trustworthy name to help you with your Foote-Jones gearbox services.

With a little help from the team here at GearTech LLC, we’ve put together a list of qualities that make the perfect Foote-Jones gear reducer repair provider.

  1. Using In-House Equipment

You don’t want your supplier relying on outside equipment or other third-parties over whom you have no control. A quality provider of Foote-Jones gearbox services will make use of their own equipment, performing all functions in-house so that you’re getting everything from the same supplier that you can trust.

  1. Only the Best Bearings

Bearings are a critical component of your Foote-Jones gearbox equipment. When choosing a supplier, pay attention to which brand of bearings they use. The brands you should favor include Timken, SKS, and FAG. These are the top names in bearings, and a quality supplier will exclusively use these quality items. Sub-par suppliers may attempt to reduce costs by choosing different bearings. When it comes to Foote-Jones gear reducer repair, going “generic” is not an option.

  1. Using OEM Gears

Just as some suppliers would attempt to switch out big-brand bearings in favor of generic ones, they may do the same thing with gears. Making use of cheap third-party gears is a good way for a supplier to save money, but doesn’t make for quality Foote-Jones gearbox services. What you need is a supplier that will guarantee to exclusively use OEM gears.

  1. Plenty of Industry Experience

You can’t afford to let rookies handle your Foote-Jones gearbox parts. Finding a service provider with years of experience is crucial. In our view, the more experience the better. When it’s a serious business, you’d hope that the level of experience would at least reach into double figures – 10, 20 years perhaps.

Experience isn’t just a number. It means that the supplier has faced every challenge you can dream up. They’ve also likely used that experience to create procedures and workflow that helps better ensure quality results.

  1. Quality Assurances

Finally, when looking at Foote-Jones gear reducer repair services, any assurance of quality is always a good sign. For example, if the supplier is willing to offer you a 2-year warranty on their work from the time of installation, then that would be proof of their confidence in their results and your satisfaction.

“Yes” to All the Above – GearTech LLC

As it happens, all of the above criteria fit the profile of our highly experienced and skilled team here at GearTech LLC. What’s more, you can make huge savings when you restore and repair your Foote-Jones gear reducer — as much as 50 percent — over buying a new one. Look to our services when you need Foote-Jones gearbox services, or for more information on available Foote-Jones gearbox exchanges. Get in touch today.

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