Lufkin Gearbox Repair – What You Need to Know

Lufkin is a big name in the world of engineering, and especially in Lufkin-style gear reducers. Their equipment has been used in industry, transport and even the military. In many respects, Lufkin has helped to set the industry standard that others now either follow or try to exceed. All of this means one important thing — there’s a lot to know about these gearboxes, and it takes a certain kind of supplier to offer repairs.

We see Lufkin gear reducers all the time here at GearTech LLC. In today’s article, we’ll be giving you our take on exactly what’s needed to provide Lufkin gearbox repair and services:

1. Lufkin Gearbox Repair Requires Experience

Before we consider any other important factor, we must look to experience. Only providers with sufficient experience and knowledge are able to offer Lufkin gearbox repair services to clients. It’s a huge job to get the gearboxes checked and repaired should there be any problem. Would you want a generalist with a handful of years of experience to take the Lufkin apart? Or, would you prefer a specialist with two decades or more of know-how like GearTech? To those who understand gearboxes, it’s a no-brainer.

2. Lufkin Repair Also Needs Serious Inventory

When you have a complex machine like a gear reducer, it means potentially intricate and precise repairs when things go wrong. There are a lot of moving parts that can cause serious problems if they are not properly restored to working order. To achieve this, the Lufkin gearbox repair and services provider must maintain a large inventory of parts and tools to get the job done efficiently. Not every enterprise can manage the level of inventory required to keep up with consistent client demand. Fortunately for the team here at GearTech, we do not fall into that category.

3. Finally, a Quality Lufkin Repair Needs a Strong Service Model

You can’t work efficiently or in a way that pleases clients without a good model. Such a quality service model would include things like free pickup of the Lufkin gear reducer from the client’s location. After that, it would be moved to a purpose-built facility and put through a rigorous and thorough assessment, followed by a prompt estimate of the maintenance needs and plan of action required.

In addition, the model would also make room for those companies whose Lufkin gear reducers decide to break down outside of regular working hours. A 24-7 emergency service would ensure that the same cutting-edge Falk gear reducer repair techniques can be used whenever you need them — grinding/polishing surface grinding, welding, gear-cutting and the rest.

Did You Know? GearTech LLC Can Do It All!

In case you hadn’t realized, GearTech LLC can meet and even exceed every one of these basic requirements of an effective Lufkin gearbox repair and services provider. Visit our homepage to learn more about our services, all of which are backed up by our 20 years’ experience and access to the most state-of-the-art facilities, tools and techniques. Let us get your machinery back the way it should be! Call today.

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