Gearbox Repair and Restoration at GearTech LLC

While our many decades of experience stretch to numerous areas of industrial repair, gear reducer repair and restoration services remain our “flagship” service. Our comprehensive service for gearbox repair includes the collection, dismantling and diagnosis, repair, reassembly, restoration, and return.

All work is carried out in-house in our cutting-edge facility, which includes a repair shop with cranes, machine shop, grind shop, gear shop, balancing, testing, and everything else we need. No task gets farmed out when you put your trust in us. So we know this particular field inside and out.

We specialize in several OEM brands — Marley, Falk, Amarillo, Foote-Jones, Lufkin, Philadelphia — but can service and repair just about any gear reducer out there. At the core of our philosophy is restoration, which we believe serves our customers best. Where other suppliers will always push brand-new equipment at you, we will first determine whether or not your existing unit can be fully restored to near-new condition. You can save as much as 50% on overall costs this way, and we get the satisfaction of helping another customer and another gearbox get their production back on track.

Besides these several factors, there are three more things that help to set GearTech LLC apart from the competition:

  • We use supreme-quality Timken/SKS/FAG bearings
  • 60 years’ experience all under one roof
  • 2-year warranty attached to every repair and restoration job we do

Here at GearTech LLC, we stake our reputation on the quality of our work. We’re happy to apply warranties because all our restoration and repair jobs undergo rigorous inspection and testing before being returned to the customer. Also, we offer an exclusive gearbox exchange program where you can turn an old-but-reparable unit into a firm discount on a brand-new one.

To learn more about gear reducer repair and services at GearTech LLC, contact us today.

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