Roots Blowers -You Can Repair Instead of Replace

In all industrial operations, the primary consideration is to keep the necessary machinery working efficiently and properly at all times. Any interruption can spell disaster when it comes to meeting quotas and deliveries. The instinct of some is to scrap components like roots blowers and purchase new ones. In some cases, it might make sense, but far fewer than you think.

The team here at GearTech brings more than two decades of experience in this field to advise you that when it comes to Roots-type blowers — as with many industrial components like gear reducers — restoration is a better path than replacement.

1. It’s Faster than You Think

When you work with an experienced team, a restoration job can be completed much more quickly than you imagine. Guided by their deep knowledge, restorers first dismantle, inspect, repair, and rebuild a Roots blower, and then return it to you in a very quick time. You’ll be surprised to see how like-new the restored blower is.

2. It Brings Huge Savings

Restoration can save you as much as 50 percent compared to purchasing an all-new Roots blower. The root is a prestigious brand with a lot of history behind it. They don’t come cheap. Seeking to replace it every time it looks in need of care is counterproductive. Restoring it to like-new status will provide an extension on its life while freeing up capital for you to use in other areas.

3. Guaranteed Quality

To demonstrate confidence in the quality of restoration, any reputable supplier would offer a warranty to back up the work done. GearTech LLC is no exception to this rule, and that’s why all restorations on Roots blowers come with a 2-year warranty — as does everything done at GearTech.

At the end of the day, we understand that replacement is inevitable, be it sooner or later. To that end, customers in need of Roots blower replacement should talk to GearTech about our exclusive exchange program. You can part-exchange your old Roots blower for a discount on a brand-new one.

Until that day comes, however, we want to stress the value and utility of favoring repair and refurbishment over replacement.

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