Gardner-Denver Blower Repair: It Matters More Than You Know

In the world of industrial machinery, every component is important and has its role to play, but that of the blower is especially important. The flow of air for cooling, ventilating, conveying, and more is essential to keep various industrial processes running smoothly. Gardner-Denver is one of the most notable names in the field of blowers, and the secret to maximizing their potential is keeping them in good repair.

No Matter the Blower – Experience Trumps All

Whether you’re making use of straight or twisted blowers, bi-lobe, tri-lobe, screw blowers, or others, the importance of proper maintenance cannot be overstated. That is why you should look to Gardner-Denver blower repair and service providers like GearTech LLC that can offer more than two decades of industry knowledge and experience.

Rebuilding – That’s What Sets a Provider Apart

Many providers sell Gardner-Denver blowers, but very few of them have the capability or technical expertise to dismantle, repair, rebuild, and fully restore them again. This is what helps set providers like GearTech LLC apart from the rest. We don’t just sell or re-sell, GearTech also rebuilds.

Processes in Gardner-Denver Blower Repair

Blower repair demands a number of skilled and intricate processes to complete. Besides that, you need the right kind of cutting-edge equipment as well. Where some suppliers may look to others for an approach to follow, GearTech has used its particular skillset to develop an in-house method for eliminating premature wear from friction and abrasion, as well as from cavitation on internal rotating elements.

Our unique approach involves using high-velocity applied coating processes with tungsten carbide and ceramic. After that, we use both internal and external non-corrosive Epoxy top coatings. Those coatings are formulated from a pure 316 stainless steel pigment that we have found it impervious to most caustics out there.

With GearTech LLC – You Notice the Difference

The particular processes we use in Gardner-Denver blower repair are not the only thing that helps to set us apart. We also include our free 3-point inspection for all of our new and existing customers. Through this inspection, we can quickly and accurately diagnose any problems and come up with a repair and restoration plan. You’d be amazed how many times we are able to save businesses money by helping them realize their blower doesn’t need replacing, but can be restored to near-new condition for much less.

A further edge we have over our competitors is our exclusive exchange program. If you are in the market for a new Gardner-Denver blower, then prepare your old unit and give it to us. In our exchange program, your old unit can buy you a decent discount on a brand-new one. This will mean you benefit in every way with a great-value new unit, quick turnaround and your production back up and running in next-to no time.

In the End, There’s no Substitute for Practical Experience

Sellers can learn all kinds of things about the Gardner-Denver blowers they sell. What they can’t do is emulate more than 20 years of technical and practical know-how. We bring that level of experience to every Gardner-Denver blower repair and service that we perform, all to benefit you, our customer. Contact GearTech LLC to learn more our blower repair services.

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