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How to Best Pick your Falk Gearbox for your Needs

For more than a century, Falk gearbox components have powered some of the largest machinery in the world. Falk gearbox machinery abounds in the industrial world. Industries such as oil and gas, power and energy, mining, and paper all rely on the use of Falk gearbox parts. There are many different types of Falk gear reducers, such as right-angle, parallel, concentric, worm, and planetary. If you require

Falk gearboxes and parts, it would be valuable to know about some of the many types of gearboxes.

Right-Angle Gearboxes

  • A right-angle gearbox is one in which the relationship between the high and low-speed shaft is 90 degrees.
  • Right-angle gearboxes are ideal when using a shaft that has a large drive directly mounted to it to reduce shaft bending loads. This is due to the 90-degree orientation.

Conveyor Gearboxes

  • Conveyors and other applications that require the driving mechanism to be close to the driven mechanism typically have these gearboxes in use.

Parallel Gearboxes

  • In a parallel gearbox, the high and low-speed shafts are parallel to one another and are on the same horizontal plane.
  • These gearboxes are typically used for applications that require high horsepower and torque.

Worm Drives

  • Similar to other gearboxes, worm drives can transmit more torque while reducing the rotational speed
  • Applications that need high transmission ratios will benefit greatly from these gearboxes.

Planetary Gearboxes

  • Planetary gearboxes are made up of two gears that are mounted in such a way that one of the gear’s centers revolves around the other center, making the gears have a coaxial assembly. Due to the nature of the assembly, this makes the gears considerably compact.
  • Why choose a planetary gearbox? Along with low clearance, it also has a high ratio of torque to weight and high efficiency.

While there are many different types of Falk gearboxes, all of them require effective maintenance and repair. Here at GearTech, LLC, we specialize in Falk gearbox repair services. We are the best option for your Falk gearbox emergency needs because of our unique combination of services and inventory knowledge. We are in a position to handle all aspects of maintenance and repair. Therefore, your unit will be returned to an optimal condition in no time! Contact us today for more information.

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