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What Makes a Good Gear Manufacturer?

Gears are big business. They literally keep the wheels of industry turning. It’s important therefore that you have a reliable and experienced gear manufacturer to support your particular needs. The question, then, is what exactly are the qualities that make a good gear manufacturer? Below are some of the most critical things to look for:

1. Manufacturing for a Wide Variety of Industries

A gear manufacturer that deals with multiple industries has wider and more comprehensive knowledge of gears. A specialist gear producer focusing on one field can seem a good choice, but as gear needs continue to become more diverse, manufacturers with a wider knowledge base have a distinct advantage.

Which industries even need gears? You might think it’s just heavy industries like mining and steel production. In fact, other industries rely heavily on them, too, such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, paper, aviation, various kinds of processing and others. To know your manufacturer has capabilities to supply any and all of these is a great bonus.

2. Cutting-Edge Equipment and Methods

The production facility should be using the most up-to-date equipment and methods. Outdated equipment produces lesser-quality results. Gears are all about precision engineering, and that’s why you should never compromise on equipment and method.

Only by using a clear and methodical approach can manufacturers better ensure quality — assessment, re-engineering, rebuild, repair, treat, measure and so on… — and it should be among the top of your list when choosing a manufacturer.

3. Capable of Manufacturing Many Gear Types

A large industrial interest may require gears of many types. It’s ideal if you can get all of those made in one place to help cut down costs and maximize convenience and logistical efficiency. Common gear types include: spur, helical, herringbone, straight bevel, miter, worm, spiral bevel, sprockets and many others. Finding a manufacturer that can handle any and all of these under one roof is best solution.

Furthermore, these different gears may require different materials, so you should ensure your producer has experience and capability to provide popular materials like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon materials, alloys and more.

4. Turnkey Solutions

When you get gears manufactured, you hope that they will be fully ready for installation and use as soon as you get them. You don’t want to have to add any extra steps. This kind of turnkey solution is a key demand that you should make from your gear manufacturer. It should be as simple as receiving the newly made gear, integrating it into the system and watching it go.

Look No Further than GearTech LLC

We’re happy to say that gear manufacture is very much our game here at GearTech LLC. We manufacture for a huge range of industries, catering to their every need in terms of gear types and materials. Using our cutting-edge equipment and methodologies, we guarantee the best results every time. Whatever types of gears you need and in whatever materials, get in touch with us to learn more about our turnkey gearing solutions today.

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