Philadelphia Gear Reducer Repair – Spotting the Problems

Many in the industry know their business inside and out, but not everyone can share more than 20 years’ experience of a team like that at GearTech LLC. One area we know particularly well is gear reducer repair and service. In our daily activities, we deal with all brands, including one of the most popular — Philadelphia.

Spot the Signs
There are some definite signs that your Philadelphia gear reducer is experiencing problems and may need repairs. These include things like:

  • Excessive grinding or noise coming from the mechanism. Industrial machinery is noisy, but if you think some noises are unusual or out of place, then it’s typically a sign that something is going wrong.
  • A lot of heat or excess temperature. Once again, industrial spaces do get hot, but when things look to be heating up outside of the usual parameters, that is also a sign of a defect or wear and tear that needs attention.
  • Abrasions, scuffs, and other signs of physical damage. Gear reducers, like many other machines, are finely tuned mechanical devices. Even minor scuffs or abrasions that alter its makeup can have knock-on effects across the entire machine.

Effect Repairs in Time

It’s at these times that you need an experienced and efficient repair service that can restore the Philadelphia gearbox to its original form. At GearTech, for example, this process happens in several steps:

Step 1 – Collection of your Philadelphia gear reducer unit for service and repair
Step 2 – Dismantling and detailed inspection
Step 3 – Repair
Step 4 – Restore and rebuild
Step 5 – Return the Philadelphia unit to your facility

Spotting the need for repair in time is a great way to ensure that this process can happen more efficiently. Better yet, timely repairs will save you up to 50 percent on expenses when compared to the need to replace the unit with a new one.

When In Doubt -Seek Help

If you have a unit for which a key repair opportunity has been missed, however, you can also look at our exclusive exchange program where you can part-exchange your gear reducers for discounts on new Philadelphia units.

Whatever problems you might be experiencing with your Philadelphia gear reducer, seek out experienced help from GearTech LLC. We have the tools and know-how to get your machines back on track.

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