Marley Gearbox Services

Need Marley gear reducer service? GearTech, LLC provides top-of-the-line repairs and exchanges for every brand of gear reducer, including Marley. Your right-angle gearbox will be as good as new in no time increase your cooling tower efficiency

Marley 2200 Right Angle Gearbox Services

So what’s the secret to our Marley right-angle rebuilds? Professional work and top-notch customer service at GearTech, LLC. We start the rebuild process by determining the issue with your unit and fully inspecting your dismantled Marley gearbox before we take the next step.


  • Saves approximately 50% vs purchasing new
  • Faster turnaround vs new purchase
  • Exchange program available

Marley Gearbox Exchanges

Sometimes exchanging your gearbox is necessary and for that reason, we’ve created an exclusive exchanges program for our customers. Our exchanges always offer a rapid turnaround and high-quality service.