GearTech, LLC offers Marley Gear Reducer Repair Services




Need Marley gear reducer service? GearTech, LLC provides top of the line repairs and exchanges for every brand of gear reducer, including Marley. Your right angle gearbox will be as good as new in no time and increase your cooling tower efficiency when you trust GearTech, LLC to get the job done right!

Marley Gearbox Repair Services

Nobody wants to get stuck with a bill for a brand new gearbox or cooling tower parts! That’s why GearTech, LLC provides quality repair services for your cooling tower valves and provide an efficient exchange program – to promptly repair or exchange your out-of-commission gearbox and a trip to the cooling tower store, saving you tons of money in the process.

marley gear reducerMarley Gearbox Rebuilds

Marley gearbox rebuilds are one of our specialties, and our knowledge and expertise will shine through when we professionally rebuild your Marley cooling tower drives using high-tech cooling tower temperature control. Our right angle gearbox rebuilding and single reduction gear reducer process accommodates all of our customers and always results in an A+ product:

Geartech LLC, Inc. repairs Marley Gear Reducers for pharmaceutical, chemical, steel and power industries. For decades, Marley gearboxes have set the standard for cooling tower gearbox excellence in performance and durability and its GEARTECH LLC’s commitment to provide quality repairs coupled with high standards in maintenance and performance.

GEARTECH LLC understands that your gearbox is an important component of your cooling needs. That’s why our engineers work hard to ensure your Marley is restored and delivers optimal cooling tower thermal performance.

Marley Gearbox Exchanges

Sometimes exchanging your gearbox is a necessity and for that reason we’ve created an exclusive exchange program for our customers. Our exchanges always offer a rapid turnaround and high quality service.

Marley Gearbox Warranty

All of our Marley right angle gearboxes come equipped with a two year operational warranty from time of installation. Notification of installment is required via email or phone call to GearTech LLC before activation of warranty.