Pump Repair and Maintenance by GearTech, LLC

Providing industrial blower and compressor services with reliability. On complete overhauls, blower repair troubleshooting, exchange or anything you need to help keep your equipment running. GearTech LLC is experienced in working with a variety of blower types, from multistage centrifugal to turbine driven blowers. We work with several different industries: Regardless of blower material, we can repair or service: aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron. These are just a sampling of materials That we can handle; contact GearTech for more information.

  • GearTech, LLC Offers A Free Three-Point inspection to new and existing customers.
  • GearTech, LLC Offers an Exclusive Program on exchange Blowers,
  • That Enables Our customers to Get A rapid Turnaround. Industry’s That we Service

When it comes to rebuilding, repairing and maintaining all types of industrial process pumps, vacuum pumps, and blowers,  GearTech, LLC  is the premier expert. There’s a remarkable difference between selling and rebuilding. Not many business enterprises can rebuild an industrial pump, much less maintain them to function better than even when new. GearTech, LLC has garnered the necessary experience and has formulated a process of eliminating premature wear from friction, abrasion, and cavitation on internal rotating elements, we use a high-velocity-applied coating process of tungsten carbide and ceramic, followed by non-corrosive Epoxy top coatings (internal and external)! Much of our preferred Epoxy top coating is formulated from a 100%, 316 stainless steel pigment that is impervious to most caustics found throughout the industry.

Pump repair and maintenance by GearTech, LLC

GearTech, LL’s pump repair, and rebuilds are enhanced with our superior coating upgrades. Our maintenance techniques are designed to extend the component life by as much as ten times components; proven by our 20-plus years of continuous development, serving the paper and pulp, food and beverage, mining, power producers, pharmaceutical industries, and municipalities, which include wastewater processing. With the cost of new process equipment, installation and maintenance escalating, many business owners are going the route of extending the life of their equipment for maximum return on investment.

Pump Blower repair by GearTech LLC