GearTech LLC Maintains Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200

While all Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200 units ship from the factory with a protective coating of epoxy enamel paint to prevent rust and grease and atmospheric corrosion, wear and tear do occur over time. GearTech LLC can help repair and maintain your Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200 applying a new protective coating of oil on all interior machined surfaces.


In order to assure long service life, GearTech LLC utilizes high-tech methods of keeping the motor running efficiently and ensuring the properly aligned. Refer to the alignment instructions in the Driveshaft or Coupling Manual shipped with the cooling tower. Copies are also available from your local Marley Gear Reducer sales representative.

Initial Operation of Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200

One of the initial checks that GearTech LLC performs on a Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200 is to ensure that there is enough oil and that there are no visible oil leaks. If equipped with an external dipstick/oil level gauge, be sure the oil full mark corresponds with the full level at the Geareducer. Failure to do this can cause additional damage to the unit and reducer the equipment’s service life.


GearTech LLC ensures your Marley Gear Reducer Series 2200 performs at maximum capacity and endures as long service life.

Schedule Maintenance With GearTech LLC for your Marley Gear Reducer 2200