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Excellent FALK Gear Reducer Repair Services by GearTech, LLC

Geartech LLC also specializes in Falk Gear Reducer Repair work. Our unique combination of services, inventory experience makes us your ideal solution for your Falk gearbox emergency needs. We are positioned to handle all aspects of repair, service and maintenance work. This means your unit gets back to optimum production in a timely manner. We are also affordable, fast, reliable, and dependable.!


The primary function of the Falk gear reducer is conversion. This includes speed to torque. The varying size of wheels, gears, chains and belts interacts to create an energy transfer. A wheel with an 8-inch circumference will make half as many rotations as a wheel with a 4-inch circumference. It also moves the same distance across a surface. On a most basic level, this is how the Falk gear reducer works. But from time to time, this entire system begins to wear down and needs repair and maintenance. Geartech has just the expertise.


Geartech LLC will arrange for free Pick Up from your location. Upon arrival at our facility, we will evaluate your unit, access the extent of the damage and provide a workable diagnosis.  At this time we will furnish you with an estimated quote and length of time it will take to repair the item. For your convenience, we also provide free delivery back to your location.

Geartech LLC also understand that your time is precious. We work to get your working unit back in production as quickly as possible. As such, we Have 24 Hour Emergency Service which caters to customers who have an emergency breakdown. Our technicians work diligently to get you back online as soon as possible.

We utilize state-of-the-art Falk Gear Reducer repair techniques. These involve advanced grinding/polishing, surface grinding, welding, gear-cutting and more.

Geartech LLC specializes in rebuilding Falk gearboxes. We also offer service and maintenance for bull gears, pinions, speed reducers, helical gears, herringbone, spiral bevel planetary gears. We have the pertinent technology to perform precision tasks such as heat treating, flame hardening, carburizing, lapping. We also performance reverse engineering, grinding, lapping, and surface grinding.

Falk Gearbox Warranty

All of our work carries a warranty from date of installation. More about our Falk Gear Reducer repair process

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