Cooling Tower Gearbox Repair and Exchanges

Is your cooling tower gear reducer in need of service? GearTech, LLC provides top of the line maintenance, repairs and maintenance. Your cooling tower gearbox will be as good as new in no time when you trust GearTech, LLC to get the job done right!

Cooling Tower Gearbox Repair Services

When it comes to mechanical gearbox repairs, GearTech LLC has been the industry leader since 1991. We service a diverse range of industries such as construction, paper, steel,  mining, timber, power, and wastewater. Our experienced staff is adept at performing overhauls on cooling tower gear reducers, parallel shafts, planetary, concentric, and worm drives using an extensive range of machinery, and equipment. This definitely makes GearTech, LLC the one-stop shop your company’s cooling tower gearbox needs. If you are looking for a custom gearbox solution, don’t hesitate to call GearTech LLC.

Below are incentives that separate GearTech from the competition:

  • In-House equipment
  • Use of TIMKEN/SFK Bearings
  • Use of OEM gears
  • Industry experienced personnel
  • Exchange program for gearboxes
  • 2-year warranty on workmanship and material

Cooling Tower Gearbox rebuilds is one of GearTech’s core specialties. Our knowledge and expertise is evident when we professionally and efficiently rebuild your cooling tower gear reducer. Our right angle gearbox rebuilding process accommodates all our customers and always results in an A+ product.

To diagnose your gearbox, we dismantle and inspect the cooling tower fan drive to spot the problem and determine the next step. During this extensive inspection, we look for issues such as pitting, overload, misalignment and fatigue.

We rebuild your gearbox, being sure to address and repair all the problems we noted during inspection. Because customer service is our number one priority, we ensure that all assemblies meet or exceed OEM requirements.

Finally, all gear reducers are full speed spin tested to meet OEM requirements, and we also apply a rust preventative coating by 3M. Lastly, your gear reducer is secured onto a palette and shipped straight to you

To diagnose your cooling tower gearbox, we dismantle and inspect it for internal and external damage before determining the next logical step.  We then rebuild your cooling tower gearbox taking care to address all issues pertinent to the gearbox. All this meets or exceeds OEM requirements.


What’s better than a perfectly working cooling tower gearbox? One that comes with a warranty! Each one of our cooling tower gearboxes comes equipped with a two-year operational warranty from the time of installation.