Excellent Amarillo Gear Reducer Repair Services by Geartech




If you’re looking for an Amarillo gear company that services the Amarillo gear reducer brand, then GearTech, LLC is the solution you’ve been searching for. ¬†GearTech, LLC has an extensive background in efficiently fixing right angle gearboxes saving you time and money!

Amarillo Right Angle Gearbox Services

Fortunately, not every damaged Amarillo gearbox needs to be replaced and instead can be expertly repaired by our knowledgeable service team. We even offer an effective exchange program so that your out-of-commission gearbox is swapped for a brand new model. You’ll have a working gearbox unit in no time!

Amarillo Gear Right Angle Rebuilds

Professionally and expertly rebuilding your Amarillo cooling drive and pumping applications and Amarillo gear parts are a specialty of Gearbox, LLC. In fact, rebuilding right angle gearboxes is one of our specialties, and our process is sure to meet your expectations each and every time.

Amarillo Gearbox Exchanges

When exchanging your Amarillo gearbox¬†or parts and renewals is the only option, we can promptly swap out your damaged model for a brand new one thanks to our exclusive exchange program for our customers. We know you’ll appreciate our rapid turnaround professional service when dealing with your Amarillo cooling tower products.

Amarillo Gearbox Warranty

What’s better than a perfectly working Amarillo right angle gearbox? One that comes with a warranty! Each one of our Amarillo gearboxes comes equipped with a two-year operational warranty from the time of installation. To activate your warranty, notification of installment is required via email or phone call to GearTech, LLC.


Below are incentives that separate GearTech from the competition

  • In-House Equipment
  • Use of Timken/SKS/FAG Bearings
  • Use of OEM Gears
  • Industry-experienced personnel
  • 2-years Warranty on workmanship and material from time and date of installation


  • Saves approximately 50% vs purchasing new
  • Faster turnaround vs new purchase
  • Exchange program available