About our company

GearTech LLC is about quality, speed and reliability

GearTech provides gearbox repairs for many name-brand rotating equipment, not to mention machining and balancing services. Don't hesitate to contact us with your needs, and we'll be in touch with cost-effective solutions.

GearTech has evolved into one of the leading gearbox equipment repair specialists. We are known for having some of the best minds in the business. This means the necessary rotating equipment engineering expertise, skilled personnel and state-of-the-art repair facilities.

GearTech is a committed partner in achieving your needs and we are passionate at ensuring your machinery is restored to peak performance.  That is why we have a trail of satisfied customers who have benefited extensively from our experience in repairing and rebuilding a wide array of name-brand gearboxes.

  • Foote Jones gear reducer
  • FALK gear reducer
  • Philadelphia gear reducer
  • Flender gear reducer
  • Black Clawson gear reducer

When it comes to gearbox rebuilding, repair and maintenance, we have the proven expertise you’re your broken machine back in faster than most other repair shops. We owe this to our experienced staff and long track record of excellence and quality. Every aspect our operation is undergirded by our fully-equipped, technical facility backed by computer-assisted engineering. We are thus able to conduct and perform any task related to restoring your gearbox by utilizing comprehensive testing procedures. Problems are identified and addressed efficiently. Additionally, we ensure you are updated every step of the way as your unit is repaired or rebuilt.

From the moment you contact us, your gearbox issue becomes our focus. We give attention to every detail and ensure that any and all issues to do with your gearbox are addressed to your satisfaction. Once we have mapped out corrective action, your gearbox will be rebuilt as fast as possible using only the best quality name-brand parts and in full accordance with the OEM’s specifications. Afterwards, we undertake rigorous quality control to ensure the gearbox is working as intended. We also conduct thorough inspections.

GearTech provides innovative repairs for any type of gearbox rotating equipment, regardless of OEM.  Our goal is to deliver your equipment back to you in pristine mechanical condition.  We strive to increase reliability and reduce downtime for every piece of equipment that is brought into our facility.  Our facility is very flexible and can provide customized solutions regardless of the repair challenges.

what we offer

Gear Reducer Inspection

Our skilled staff can identify any issues with your gearbox and recommend a viable solution.

Assembly and Maintenance

Once we have identified the issues with your gearbox, we use state-of-the-art technology to rebuild and restore your unit. We also work to reduce your downtime to a minimum.

We provide you with support

Just providing a solution to your gearbox issue is not the end. GearTech prides itself on providing our customers with extended support.